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JAVA Developer (python) Linkebeek, Belgium French or Dutch Speaking


Lieu : Linkebeek
Durée : 3 months+
Tarif : Market
Début : Asap
Octopus Computer Associates

Description :

Java developer (Python) Linkebeek, Belgium French or Dutch speaking

One of our blue chip clients is urgently looking for a Java Developer.

Job description summary:
We are looking for a full stack Python software architect within our department specialized in Applied Mathematics, Data Science and ICT, in Linkebeek, Belgium.
Or for a very strong software architect (e.g., in Java and open-source ecosystem) who is motivated and willing to switch to Python.

technical design of the software source code architecture, for both projects (50-200 man-days) and large change requests, so as to divide the initial complexity in sub-problems, delegate these to programmers (including yourself) and lead these programmers,
programming, analysis and documentation,
in collaboration with other members of our team (analysts, other architects, programmers, math experts).

Technologies: Python, Linux, cloud, open source ecosystem. Agile/Scrum, Kanban , Oracle (PL-SQL) , Qlikview = CONFIRMED EXPERIENCE

Soft-Skills Good communications skills

Screening requirements
Priorities, from most important to less important:
Efficiency in technical design; modular architecture, flexible, readable; correct use of design patterns; communication of your architecture to programmers; leadership.
Efficiency in programming; code quality (clarity, correctness, comments); code reusability; unit testing; collaboration and communication with colleagues.
Strong knowledge of a programming language (preference for Python or Java or .NET), including the understanding of the low-level behind-the-scene operations performed by the language. For example, is this operation complex for the CPU? Does it consume a lot of memory? Is the variable passed by reference or by value?
Knowledge of cloud software architecture is a plus
General IT knowledge
Working knowledge of English + ideally either Dutch or French
Remark: We don’t look for a programmer. We are looking for an architect, who is willing to program as well, with other architects/programmers/mathematicians in the team and who will discuss the technical architecture with other architects in the team.

Other specifics
Some info on the project/applications. What we offer is diversity and great colleagues. 10 internal applications to support the internal processes of the customer. 90 technical applications to support the products and services of our client to its customers. Technical applications are always in collaborations with colleagues, mathematicians and software architects. Especially, the focus of the present mission is on the software part, not on the mathematical part which is done by colleagues. A concrete example is the interfacing, including all objet conversions, between a mathematical kernel and the extern world, including the scheduling of processing tasks, error handling, communication with other web services, communication with embedded devices, etc. Another example is the industrialization of an existing prototype of mathematical kernel, e.g., estimation of the mechanical stress of a physical asset based on historical data. Another example is a web application to help users assess and predict the fouling, based on the laboratory characteristics of the fuel.

Please send CV for full details and immediate interviews, We are a preferred supplier to the client

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Jesal Patel
Account Manager

Octopus Computer Associates
314 Regents Park Road
N3 2JX
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)20 8343 0060
Fax: +44 (0)20 8343 0061
Email: jesal.patel@octopus.net.uk

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