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Software Architecte / Analyst

Publiée le 14/09 par ALTERSIS

Lieu : Sophia-antipolis (06)
Durée : 6 mois
Tarif : 360
Début : Asap

Description :

What You Will Do
 Serve as the senior resource involved in the overall design and development of applications and systems.
 Provide leadership to client and internal stakeholders.
 Support development activities and be the anchor of technical expertise with onshore and offshore technical teams.
 Help to ensure projects are delivered successfully, on time, and within budget.
 Implement and enforce engineering best practices using modern standards and patterns.
 Create, maintain and improve architecture documentation
 You’ll help quality assurance to validate the platform when there is a burst of activites for this team (Like part of the development team is doing). This should happen around 2 weeks every 3 months.
2.1 Mandatory Skills
 5+ years of application development and solution building experience.
 3 Years’ experience as a Java Architect.
 Expert level understanding of modern software development methodologies and frameworks.
 Strong experience integrating systems using secure web services, API’s or other channels.
 Excellent competence to understand functional parts of the platform
 Knowledge on Secured communication (Certificates, mutual authentication, symetric keys...)
 Quality Assurance skills (or at least the willing to help QA team punctually) 2.2 Others Desired Skills
 Medium level understanding in real time Embedded device communications
 Basic level understanding in Complex event processing
 Medium level understanding in GSM network communication protocol
Competences Stack Needs
Competences Extent Min. Duration
Used in CTD Comments
English Mandatory Good level English is used for: Coding, documentations (reading / writing), communications by emails, call conferences, video conferences with colleagues and partners) French Mandatory Mother tongue or excellent level There is no room for misunderstanding errors Java Enterprise Edition Mandatory 3 years Any of EJB, JSP, Webservices, Rest-services, Web framework (Struts, JSF, Spring MVC ) SQL Mandatory 3 years Oracle 11g Any of Oracle, Postgres, mySql HTML / CSS / JS / Ajax Mandatory 2 years CSS3, Prototype, Jquery, Ajax Any JS framework Web-Services Mandatory 3 years JaxB Any framework Rest-Services Mandatory 3 years JaxRS / Jersey Any framework Message Broker Important 3 years Kafka ..or any other Message Broker EJB Important 3 years EJB 3 Any version Linux shell scripts Important 2 years RHEL 6 Able to use shell scripts to update components, read logs, change ownership, change rights, automate tasks Maven Medium 1 year Version 2 or 3 (We’re using version 3) Any version Jenkins / Hudson Medium 1 year ..or any other continuous integration tool Hibernate Important 1 year HQL + Criteria v4.2 Any version Struts Medium 1 year 1.2 Any version Subversion Medium 1 year ..or any other version control system C Medium 2 years Parsing + business logic of devices Basic knowledge to understand strengths and limitations of the language NoSQL Database Medium N/A Quality Assurance Medium 1 month ISTQB Basic knowledge on QA in order to help the QA team punctually

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