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Ingénieur C / C++ - Développement Mobile (H / F)

Publiée le 29/09 par Uniware

Lieu : Paris (75)
Durée : Longue
Tarif : Selon profil
Début : Asap

Description :

As part of the expansion of its product line and software solution offering, our client is looking for a C/C++ cross platform mobile application developer for its mPOS solution. The candidate will part of the mobile solutions software team that is responsible for delivering tablet and mobile based payment solutions. He will jointly work with a team of iOS and Android developers that will together be responsible for the delivery of the next generation mobile solutions for highly cost sensitive markets such as India and Brasil. This new payment solution based on the combination of a smartphone with very cost effective mobile card reader to target untapped and small merchants globally. The mobile application will integrate with the device, a payment gateway and a reporting backend. The candidate will be more specifically in charge of the integration library between the card reader and the payment gateway that will process the EMV card payment transaction. The library will be developed in C/C++ and be cross platform between iOS, Android and Windows.
The main responsibilities of the candidate will be :
- Design, Implement and test the payment library SDK
- Develop iOS and Android test applications and library test cases
- Support end2end testing of the solution.

The candidate will integrate a team of 10 people. The candidate shall be tech-savvy with strong knowledge embedded devices, mobile platform and EMV payments.

This offer is to be fulfilled as soon as possible.

Key Responsibilities:

Write mobile applications and libraries
Write clean and healthy structured, well documented code.
Drive consistent standards and approaches throughout the team for project deliveries
Build future-proof reusable core code libraries, which can be shared, in-order to drive further efficiencies throughout the team for customer specific requirements
Deliver code which is well tested and consistently error free.
Draft functional and technical specifications.
Keep up-to-date with the latest software development technologies and methodologies
Setup integration environment and write/pass user acceptance testings
Propose relevant technologies and frameworks.
Participate to the design choices.


Core Competencies:
EMV payments
Mobile development : iOS and/or Android
Security protocols: Public Key Infrastructure, TLS/SSL, Authentication
Cryptograpky : RSA, 3DES, AES, DUKPT,
Shell scripting
Javascript, Node.js, Node gyp
Knowledge of IoT technologies and frameworks
Knowledge of GIT, Maven, Atlassian tools (JIRA, Bamboo, ), Jenkins
Continuous integration and automated testing
Agile methodologies
Excellent analytic skills
Good communication skills
Issue Solving
Languages (good level required):
English (mandatory)

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