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Consultant TEST de Performance Jmeter

Publiée le 29/09 par SARIEL

Lieu : Saint-ouen (93)
Durée : 6 mois
Tarif : Selon profil
Début : Asap

Description :

Nous recherchons pour un client direct situé à Saint Ouen le profil suivant:

Consultant Test de Performance JMeter

Contexte :
In a heavy BI project context, the IT Performance Specialist will be part of the technical architecture stream within a 30 peoples project team.
During the project build periode, he will be responsible of defining the performance test plan, help the architect leader to organize its preparation.
During the test periode, he will be responsible of the test plan execution and define the system recommendation to meet the performances objectives defined as business requirements.
He will also be responsible of writing the deliverables related to his activity.

Responsabilités :
Based on your experience, you will help in defining the scope of the performance test plan to keep its preparation and execution in a planning compatible time frame.
Based on business requirement, you will define the needs in terms of data sample to be generated by the development teams to load the system under test.
With help of IT integrator present on the project, you will define:
- The performance indicators to be collected on the system and the system instrumentation to retrieve theme.
- the tooling chain that will allow data preparation, data gathering, environment cleansing, and report generation.
You will setup the injection tool in a target compatible configuration. (JMeter Based)
You will implement injection scenarios, define navigation variabilisation and dataset of to be injected in the system.
You will be responsible of piloting scenario execution.
With the technical architect and the development team, you will help in determining system diagnostics to suppress bottlenecks and leverage infrastructure resources.
Write performance reports which is the main mission deliverable

Skills :
Has a deep understanding of multiple, major components of the business enterprise.
Directs and coordinates the development and implementation of process-based solutions that cross organizational lines.
Sets clear explanations for the integration and alignment of technology and business functions, focusing on the strategic value provided.
Sets expectations for monitoring and feedback systems and reviews performance trends.
Evaluates progress and involves peers and team members in analyzing strengths and weaknesses in performance.
Provides substantiated, risk-assessed options and counsel in relation to process enhancement and professional expertise.
Integrates future and conflicting scenarios and opportunities.
Directs planning for potentially significant outcomes and contingency plans.
Identifies areas of high risk.
Procures significant commitment of organizational resources, involving resource owners, organizational leaders, core business processes, and technologies.
Leads step-by-step long-term responses, seeking and evaluating input from authoritative sources.
Sustains progress in unprecedented strategic directions while maintaining superior ongoing performance.
Maintains balance between innovation and pragmatism when determining the practical application of new ideas.
Develops better, faster, or less expensive ways to do things.

Typically have 10 15 years of IT and business/industry work experience including architecture design and deployment, systems lifecycle management and infrastructure planning and operations.
Expertise in performance testing on complex systems.
Requires exposure to multiple, diverse technologies and processing environments.
Knowledge of TM1, Cognos BI, Java environnements.
Knowledge of system automation, (Windows environments scripting)
Knowledge of JMeter required.
Fluent in English

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Vincent Grandcollot
Tél: (+33)
Por: (+33)

38, rue Jouffroy D’Abbans
75 017 PARIS
Tél : +33 (0)
Fax : +33 (0)

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Vincent Grandcollot / Tél: (+33) / Email: vincent.grandcollot@sariel.fr

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