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Software Development - banking, finance, risk mgmt

RedBrolly Consulting Ltd. specializes in software development for financial institutions and banks.

Specialists of RedBrolly Consulting Ltd. have been involved in building cutting edge solutions for:
- Pricing financial products based on Libor Market Model or CAPM
- High Performance Computation system development for Monte Carlo Value At Risk based on millions of scenarios and thousands of risk factors
- Building Liquidity reporting tools
- ETL modules for transforming and moving data
- Platform independent User Interface integration

This is why we know every problem has specific solutions therefore we don't focus on one technology but concentrate on building the best solution for your problems.
For example:
- for quant development tasks we will deploy the commonly used C++ (single and multithreaded, STL, Boost), Python, Excel VBA, R, C# expertise
-for building enterprise solutions we will recommend and use technologies on Java or C# and will push towards a WEB 2.0 or cloud approach
-for storing data we will use SQL with a fitting RDBMS or a no-SQL solution

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