Backend Developer (Typescript)

Publiée le 16/09/2021 par NEWRAMA

Lieu : Paris
Durée : longue
Tarif : 400 €
Télétravail : Non
Début : asap

Description de la mission :

Your job :
We believe that a well designed backend infrastructure is a crucial factor to keep our services as efficient for our customers as possible. Therefore, each backend developer is responsible for designing and maintaining the most accessible and interactive backend possible. The backend engineer will maintain close contact with the frontend team and the CTO in order to ensure a seamless integration with our main front applications.

As a backend engineer at you will:
● Build an accessible and modular microservice architecture that will be used by both our front applications and our customers to interact with our system
● Scale existing codebase and add new features on a regular basis (we are adding features all the time!)
● Spend the necessary time testing your code to keep our high standards of code quality. For us, it is better to develop less features that work than to develop plenty that are not reliable
● Be responsible for a full compatibility between all services and ensure that error handling is properly forwarded to the API integrators
● Share your creativity with the team, we love people that do not keep your ideas to themselves

Our tech stack
Although you do not need to be an expert with all of the technologies we use, we expect you to be familiar with the majority of them.

At the moment our stack is NestJS as the backend framework (this one you need to know).
To manage the application state and data we use Redis and PostgreSQL with the TypeORM middleware. Although customized with our own npm packages, our backend was built with a Microservice architecture.
We also use industry-leading tools such as ESlint and Prettier. Our CI/CD is completely automated and based in Docker containers and Kubernetes. Our backend offers connectivity through a REST API.

Preferred experience and qualifications
● Experience: 1+ years of experience developing backend applications in Typescript
● Best practices: You are organized, develop modular code (DRY) and committed to the deadlines
● Problem solver: You are result driven engineer that enjoys solving hard problems
● Team player: You will not work alone and you will also communicate with non-technical people, thus we expect you to have good communication skills and to be able to explain a solution in non-technical terms
● Languages: You are fluent in English
● It is a plus if:
○ You have professional experience with NestJS
○ You speak french ○ You have experience developing software for a startup company
○ You see yourself as a swiss army knife Recruitment process

● After you submit your application, our team will analyse your CV and cover letter,
● A remote coding challenge to evaluate your problem solving skills,
● A 45min call with our CTO to understand your experiences and to solve an exercise together,
● Final informal interview with the founders to evaluate your cultural fit in the team.

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