Consultant DEVOPS

Publiée le 07/11/2020 par WorldWide People

Lieu : Paris
Durée : 2 mois renouvelables
Tarif : 400-500 €
Télétravail : Non
Début : ASAP
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Description de la mission :

Consultant DEVOPS/Lead DevOps of applications running in the current on-premise platform
Infrastructure: Nomad (cluster manager), Consul (service discovery), Docker, GitLab CI/CD, Nexus
Monitoring: ELK, Prometheus+Grafana, WitBe
Operate and improve existing CI/CD pipelines
Design new CI/CD pipelines for new types of applications
Work with data scientists/engineer to package and deploy new applications
Work on improvement of automated tests on CI/CD pipelines
Work with run team to improve the capability to operate and monitor applications
Monitor and handle incidents of production services
Provide technical guidance and educate team members to follow best practices

Lead DevOps aspects of the migration to the new platform on Microsoft Azure
Infrastructure: Kubernetes (ASK), Docker, GitLab CI/CD, Nexus and ACR
Monitoring: Azure Monitor, Loki, Prometheus+Grafana
Some cloud-native technologies (under discussion)
Work with data scientists, engineers and the platform team in Germany to realize CD4ML (Continuous Delivery for Machine Learning) on the new platform
Lead migration of existing applications to the new platform
Develop CI/CD pipelines to run our applications on the top of the new platform
Design and develop project templates allow data scientists/engineers to easily deploy their applications
Design new infrastructure/methodology for automated tests of Big Data/AI applications
Participate in meetings with the platform team in Germany

Important note: Deployment and operation of K8s clusters are done by AKS and a team in Germany (- less important).
Deployment and operation of applications in K8S environment is more important.

More important:
Deployment of applications to K8S cluster
Templating of application deployment by using Helm
Monitoring of applications running on K8S cluster
Configuration of K8S cluster for application deployment: Service account, name space etc.
Experience of service mesh, FaaS on K8S is plus
Helm, KubeApps, Prometheus and Grafana on K8S etc.

Less important:
Deployment of K8S cluster
IaaS (provisioning of VM, configuration of VLAN etc.)
DevOps tools (Terraform, Ansible etc.)


Design and operation of CI/CD pipelines
build, tests, release, deploy, validation steps etc. etc.
Different deployment strategies (Blue/Green, canary release etc.)
Build pipeline (Jenkins file etc. Experience of GitLab CI/CD is plus), CD pipeline (Spinker, Argo etc. optional)

Cloud platform

Experience of Microsoft Azure is plus:
AKS, Azure Datalake (Gen2), Azure PostgreSQL, Identity Management etc.


Monitoring of application by using Prometheus and Grafana
Investigation of technical problems by using Kibana
Experience of Dashboard development (Grafana dashboard, Kibana dashboard) is plus
Prometheus and Grafana
Elasticsearch and Kibana

Programming languages
For this position, we don’t expect strong experience of application development.

Build and package of applications (with dependency) as Docker images
Investigation of application errors (search logs, read stack trace, identify real causes in source code etc.)
Basic understanding of execution model (JVM garbage collection model etc.)
Python, Java
Maven, PIP, Conda, Docker for packaging

Behavioral skills :
Communication (in French with most of team members, in English with the lead data engineer and teams in Germany)
Time management (provide reasonable time estimate to project managers)
Team player (Contribution to the team is the priority. Flexible to work on various layers of a project if necessary)
Motivation (we look for somebody who can develop new Big Data/AI platform together with us)

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