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Lieu : Luxembourg (LU)
Durée : 1 mois renouv.
Tarif : Tarif non renseigné
Télétravail : Non
Début : 05/11/2020

Description de la mission :

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Context :
In all building over all country (where Customer is implemented), Customer have deployed WI-Fi solution for employees and for guests. All employee of Customer has laptop device and some of them Iphone or Ipad devices.
Customer have 2 kind of Wi-Fi access. The first one is called Wi-Fi Guest which is out of the internal Customer network and could be used by anyone with one registration and one validation of one internal contact in Customer.
The second one is called xxx-for Groupe xxxx which is link to the internal xxx Network. This Wi-Fi access is the Wi-Fi which all internal laptop/smartphone/Ipad of xxxx is link automatically when the device is near one spot Wi-Fi.
We need a pentest to these 2 Wi-Fi spots and have an remediation suggestion action list of the vulnerabilities discovered during the pentest.
Description of the WIFI architecture at Customer :
For access to the corporation wifi (xxx-for Groupe xxx ) an configuration specific is sent to the mobile terminal which allows it to connect at an access point whose SSID is only open to terminals mobile phones that have a certificate. Users can then surf only to the internet with minimal filtering (Bluecoat proxy sites illicit) and limited access to the group’s internal network.

All Customer terminal which are connected to Wi-Fi (any kind of Wi-Fi) can’t be connected to the wired network.
When a guest want to have a Wi-Fi connection he must register on one webpage for one day, one event day, one week or one month. One the registration done, the Customer employee used to do this registration receive an email to validation this request, one the validation is done the guest is connected to the Wi-Fi for the time selected before.

Objectives :
What need to be Checked in general :

Identify weaknesses that could benefit a malicious individual near the Customer building and which would allow him access to the company’s internal network and to the critical systems it hosts via WIFI
Compare each technical element identified with the state of the art of wireless security in order to identify possible attack scenarios.
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