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Début : 10/05/2021

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Objectifs de la mission et tâches
Product Manager Mission :

Meet client's needs and ensure client's satisfaction through the most relevant product offering . Successfully execute this mission implies that the PM needs to focus on 2 objectives, in collaboration with DL, transversal functions, other PMs and any other parties:


Building and maintaining a product offering for BU

Understanding the why and what behind the offering that is being built. Being able to convey the strategic direction for the product and its vision over time, which should tie back to the strategy and vision of the client. A summary of those should be mapped out via a product roadmap.

The PM is the central hub for all the information related to his/her products. He/she will collaborate closely with all the transversal functions (Contract management, Legal, Delivery, Digital Box, etc.) and the supplier to build a compliant and consistent offer:
● Understand the market and competitors
● Assist the transversal functions during the contractualization process
● Measure and represent how effective the product offering is through a KPI Strategy
● Generate and maintain all the required documents and guides that will help clients to successfully obtain & use the product

Delivering the operational activities of your product

Responsible for informing and communicating to BU new product offering and maximize its adoption.

Ensuring a reliable deployment of the product in the BUs and monitori...

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