Full remote - Engine Programmer

Publiée le 28/10/2020 par CAPEST conseils

Lieu : Montreuil
Durée : de 60 à 180 J
Tarif : Tarif non renseigné
Télétravail : Non
Début : dès que possible

Description de la mission :

Contexte de la mission
As the Engine Programmer, you will be responsible for developing and maintaining low-level systems and overall architecture. You will be working on multiple platforms and in areas such as memory management, loading, streaming, physics, audio, platform specific systems, etc.

Full remote

Objectifs de la mission et tâches

The main and routine tasks of the Engine Programmer are to:

Analyze and understand the requirements of the game teams in order to define the required functionalities and engine systems that must be developed to support them;
Analyze existing engine systems and determine if they meet project requirements. If necessary, define how to adapt them or replace them to better meet game requirements;
Collaborate with game designers/level designers/animators/artists to examine the constraints of the existing engine;
Collaborate with game designers/level designers/animators/artists to agree on memory and performance budgets for content;
Determine and help maintain CPU performance and memory budgets across code disciplines and platforms;
Analyze and support the data pipelines, ensuring that they are efficient and work reliably;
Measure and track the in-game loading processes to ensure high efficiency. Create and maintain systems to minimize impact of loading on players;
Create and maintain consistency of engine framework to support clear APIs and consistent separation of modules;
Diagnose and repair the most complex bugs, including creating systems to help in debugging;
Document the work so as to transfer knowledge and enable users (programmers and people from other tasks) to understand how the new systems, APIs and engine functions work

Bachelor of Computer Science or Computer Engineering or equivalent training or experience.


Minimum 2+ years’ of experience in low-level programming using C/C++
Game industry experience is preferred;
Experience using one or more commercial game engines;
Experience of refactoring and optimization.
Experience with multiplatform programming;
Multithreading experience;

Essential skills

Extensive knowledge of C/C++ programming and debugging;
Excellent understanding of performance sensitive programming (algorithmic and low level optimizations);
Strong understanding of software development processes;
Good understanding of Software Engineering principles, e.g. Object Oriented programming, etc.
Excellent understanding of CPU bottlenecks;
Strong 3D math;
Strong understanding of multithreaded/parallel programming;

Other skills

Problem solving skills;
Excellent debugging skills;
Driven by complex challenges;
Strong communicator;
Team player;
Flexible and able to adapt to changes

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