Project Manager (Ticketing / Revenue Management)

Publiée le 21/09/2021 par Sneakers & Jackets

Lieu : Paris
Durée : 6 mois mini
Tarif : Tarif non renseigné
Télétravail : 25 %
Début : ASAP

Description de la mission :

Sneakers & Jackets recherche, pour l'un de ses clients, acteur majeur du tourisme, un Yield Manager :

Main Objectives of sales reshaping project:
Re-think sales Dialogue by selling any combination of A La Carte, Dynamic Bundling and preset packages developing capacity to bundle/price dynamically
Leverage date-based tickets and existing product to create any bundled combination
Develop Dynamic pricing for rooms and ticket to optimize prices of each items and bundles
Continuously adapt prices based on guest profile and demand to optimize revenue

Key benefits of the project:
Optimize revenue by selling higher value bundles, further monetize seasonality and increase capability to yield granular pricing
Address a wider range of guests by offering more customized products and prices
Gain in flexibility to adapt product and prices to business needs and improve price perception
Enhance guest experience by articulating preferred experience

To achieve theses objectives, the project is divided in 3 main streams

Stream 1: Ticket

Switch to a date-based approach for all existing tickets (1D, multi-day, CSE, etc.) and for all channels, combined with :
A progressive transition from fixed prices to dynamic prices on some products
A new tool to yield the adapted to these new eco-system of tickets
Features to maximize sales dialogue

Key Benefits:
Maximizing revenue through park yield
Creating consistency in the ticket range (1D vs MD) and maximizing VPG and its monetization
Contribute to Preferred Experience by shifting attendance from peak to low period (attendance management / control) hence positively reinforcing VFM perception

Stream 2 : Room

Switch from a packaged structure with price points to a more flexible structure aiming to give us the possibility to sell per items and/or bundle with dynamic price:
Replacement of our current hotel optimization tool
Ability to manage both package et room only optimization
Pricing granularity improvement
Connectivity improvement between the tool and sales and registrations systems and trade partners

Key Benefits:
Delivering higher revenue growth from rate through price optimization

Stream 3 : Advanced features

Fully leverage our range of products by selling combination of A La Carte, Dynamic Bundling and pre-set packages
Push upsell to sell higher value bundle
Connectivity to both ticket & room yield and pricing tool
Connectivity to inventory in real time
Leverage guest profile to push targeted recommendation
Push pre-setup bundle when needed

Key Benefits:
Increase conversion in average basket
Enhance guest experience by offering consumers the possibility to customize their packages
Improve ability to better match guest needs and strategy

The client is looking find a Project manager for Stream 2 (Room) to manage and coordinate all the different sub-streams from a business point of view as well as be the reference point for interaction with technology teams.
Main areas of focus :
Animate pluri-disciplinary teams to maintain coordination and focus of the various projects
Follow solutioning and implementation
Project management of the stream
Deliverables expected for a project delivery:
Management of subjects/streams in collaboration with internal & external partners (perimeter, functionalities, solutioning, RACI )
Definition and implementation of action plans ( follow up, meeting minutes )
Coordination of business test phases & implementation
Entry point & coordination of internal & external experts

Les compétences
Ability to animate meetings/workshops and provide actionable project-oriented minutes/deliverables (Workflows, technical specs, decision point, Arbitration requirement )
Collaboration and mobilization of business & technical experts
Ability to understand detail while maintaining ability to step back to get the big picture for decision making
Ability to work in teams and in english

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