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Lieu : Lyon
Durée : 3 mois renouvellable
Tarif : 600 €
Télétravail : 75 %
Début : asap

Description de la mission :

profil SAP, au sein de SANOFI SAP ATHENA.

On imagine 1) un leader doer, 2) un expert all rounder, et 3) un SAP BC à mi-temps. Jusqu'à fin 2021.

Avec une certaine aisance avec l'anglais approximatif que nous pratiquons à longueur de journée et idéalement avec une connaissance de la pharma et de Sanofi.

Beaucoup de coordination, beaucoup de choses compliquées, pas de développement, la mission peut sembler austère mais est capitale dans le cadre des nombreux projets engagés d'un côté et de l'ambition d'industrialisation de notre organisation de l'autre.

For several years, SANOFI ITS IA has contracted Applications Technical Experts to manage and deliver expert assistance on SAP Athena ERP regarding:
1. Application Run operations support (client opening, advanced debug, code review, printer set up, OSS facilitation, incident support, tooling, facilitation with sap business analyst management and control of service partners like PRIMS or AMS in their area of concern)
2. Application Deploy Project operations support (ALE RFC connection set up, job scheduling in accordance with core model batch plan, change management process, meeting facilitation with project leads and deploy functional lead; documentation update, hyper care go live support )
3. Application Basis Component support: perform customizing transports on all environments for all releases, coordinate and deliver Back up & Restore of pre prod environments & client refresh for acceptance environments, ensuring system vital signs and cybersecurity components are up to date and in line with Sanofi standards, manage EWA, coordinate actions with regards to SAP L4 tower or SAP Cybersecurity team or any other ITS TECH teams impacting our resources.
These experts are all-rounders highly capable to address multiple topics on the go as they could be many projects running in parallel with different objectives, timelines, and organizations.
They are capable to organize their work, set priorities, escalate issues when relevant, learn and adopt Sanofi standard operating procedures and help to make them evolve when applicable.
They work with all SAP experts being domain core model leads or deploy functional experts working on Athena, whether internal or external to provide the right level of support.

Objective is to engage contracted work to achieve the described above activities, to
1. Support Application Run support for 2021
2. Support Application Deploy support for 2021
3. Support Application administration of basis component for 2021
It is expected that the experts will
A. Onboard and comply with Sanofi ITS quality standard and apply standard operation procedures. Transition and time box knowledge transfer will be handled to help the newcomers get up to speed to their position within the Service Line.
B. Manage diligently their work and assigned task and report on progress, issues and challenges, and contributes with ideas of improvement as part of Sanofi Operational Excellence initiative

C. Lead and facilitate the transition of a number of tasks or recurring activities to our global AMS and IMS partners in charge running qualitative offshored services. Managing the transition planning, the knowledge transfer, monitoring readiness (shadow and reverse shadow), assessing risks or gaps and reporting progress and issues on periodic basis.
D. Assess and improve the knowledge base of most vital process
a. Interfaces set up and control
b. Batch plan set up and control
c. Early Watch alerts set up and control
d. Change management control
e. Security & component obsolescence management & control
f. Best practices adherence and reinfor...

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