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SAP Supply Chain and SAP Finance Project Manager (END Client) (H / F)

Publiée le 03/10 par emagine

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Durée : 3 mois+
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Début : 03.10.2018

Description :

emagine search a profile: SAP Supply Chain and SAP Finance Project Manager

As part of ITS GF&BT within GSC PMO the Scoping Studies team is in charge of:
- Scoping big/complex projects for various business and ITS units before moving to Execution
- Providing support in pre-scoping projects when requested by the Business Partner or when the
project demand is not structured enough.

The consultant will perform scoping and pre-scoping for projects mainly for Supply Chain in
coordination with all the stakeholders to be involved (Business Partner, Business, Expertise &
Innovation, Program Management, Service Excellence, PMO, Quality & Compliance, Security,


The Scoping Manager leads the pre-scoping exercise
- Confirm/Define the scope of the project
- Identify key contributors
- Produce initial Business Case based on key assumptions
- Root the demand to Program Management team or Scoping Studies team according to our
operating model

The Scoping Manager leads the scoping exercise
- Confirm the scope and objectives of the project
- Define the scoping plan
- Lead solution analysis or gap analysis by involving key experts
- Propose a delivery model and governance
- Contribute to build the RFP and to its coordination as required
- Produce organization chart, costs estimation, high level planning and Business Case.
- Make sure that the resources for the project execution are assigned properly and committed
- For this purpose, he/she will lead the appropriate workshops and decision-making committees
with the appropriate stakeholders.
- Transition to the ITS Project Manager who will lead the project for the Execution phase.

- 5 years’ experience as a Project Manager with extensive experience required on SAP Supply Chain projects and SAP Finance
- Strong SAP Supply Chain expertise/experience and knowledge in Finance
- Coordination of numerous interlocutors and various teams
- Synthesis capability
- Excellent communication and interpersonal skills with negotiating capability
- Source of proposals to define a framework where there is a need and to optimize our Scoping processes

The pre-scoping should deliver project business case
The scoping study should deliver
- Scoping Plan
- Scoping Final Output (Objectives, Resources/Org Chart, Governance, Timelines, Solution, Potential
Risks, Project Assumptions and Detailed Cost Estimation, Reviewed/Fine-tuned Business Case)
During all the scoping manage risks, prepare and animate operational committees + project committees +
steering committees

You can apply to this job at:
Tél: 01 81 93 88 06 / 06 72 02 01 72

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